Yer at Yer Granny’s


Sinead De Valera

Do you have fond memories of your granny? I don’t and I feel cheated. This bitter sweet memoir will mean something to you whether you loved, hated or didn’t get the chance to know your grandmother.

Can you picture her, what smells bring her to mind, what did she impart to you?

Did or do you only know her as a grandmother and forget she was a woman too?  

Yer At Yer Granny’s produced by Zoe Comyns for Newstalk 106 – 108 fm interweaves the narrator’s memories with oral accounts of well known personalities’ accounts of their grandmothers. Throughout the documentary we get a rare glimpse of their childhoods, the historical events in each grandmother’s time and the social conditions of her generation. This is an exploration of the place of the grandmother in Irish society and an riveting piece of radio that will flood you with memories.

Personalities featured in the documentary include former Minister Eamonn O’Cuiv, Bill Cullen, Terry Prone, Kim Belienberg and Catherine Dunne.