The Book Show – S1 #13

Short Stories – Pindrop

This week’s show is dedicated to the short story, and we’re in three countries. In New York, we visited New Yorker Fiction Editor Deborah Treisman at her office, to discuss commissioning work and what she looks for in great short fiction.

Last month, we visited Pindrop in London, a short story event held in unusual venues. Organisers Elizabeth Day and Simon Oldfield showed us around, and we talked to the evening’s reader, A.L. Kennedy about her forthcoming collection of stories, All the Rage.

Simon Oldfield (L) and Elizabeth Day (R) organisers of Pindrop with writer AL Kennedy(C)

Photography by Francesca Oldfield @fran_oldfield

For information on Pindrop go to

AL Kennedy’s All The Rage is published by Jonathan Cape.


Short Stories

Back in Dublin, Mike McCormack and Colin Barrett tackle the Irish short story and ask if it really does reflect modern Irish life and whether it’s a conservative form.

Young Skins by Colin Barrett is published by Stinging Fly Press and Jonathan Cape.

Forensic Songs by Mike McCormack is published by Lilliput



And Regan Hutchins’ Footnote this week tells of the most published short story writer ever in The New YorkerJohn O’Hara.