The Book Show – S2 #5


Peter Carey

Two time Booker winner Peter Carey’s new novel Amnesia uses as background mid-70s Australian history, when the Whitlam Labour government was brought down by US and British interference. In the opening pages a hacker opens all of the locks in the Australian prison system and this ripples across to US prisons through connected machines. Who is behind (and for what reason) this hactivism is what the book seeks to explore as it focuses on a journalism Felix who seeks to explore the story.

Peter Carey discusses the politics of his work, the parallels with Julian Assange and he reads from the novel for The Book Show.

Literary Death Match

Literary Death match started in the US as a way to bring competition, comedy and theatre to literary readings. This is the 8th time it has been hosted in Dublin and Susanne Azzopardi hosts four readers: Lynn Shepherd, Ian Flitcroft, Dave Rudden and Erin Fornoff as they compete on stage to become the champion.

Writing Apps

There are many phone and computer apps that you can download to help you write – some just give you a structure, some incentives – Writer and technophile Julian Gough took a look at some of these apps for The Book Show – the ones he looks at are Write or Die,  Freedom and  Scrivener.


Paul Lynch read his 100 word story Ellian for The Book Show