Web Summit 2015

Society Stage - Web Summit 2015

Society Stage – Web Summit 2015

Websummit 2015 was a great opportunity to have a chat about some interesting and important issues. Society Stage in particular was a breathing space from the main floor – it was a forum for academic, philosophical and creative speakers with a combination of disciplines to talk through topics that affect all of us in one way or another.  Zoë MCd the stage for the event and moderated a couple of panel talks:

The Refugee Crisis and Technology

There’s no doubt that migration is one of the big issues of our time. Over the past year Europe has seen hundreds of thousands of people cross borders. We’ve seen countless images of refugees fleeing from many countries where terror and violence reigns – in particular Syria over the past year.

So what part can technology play in assisting refugees and migrants? Beyond the relentless drive towards faster, better, stronger companies and products how can technology be used to fundamentally improve human welfare and specifically assist in people migrating?



Entrepreneurship and stories. 

We often hear about the creation stories of startups and companies. These are told again and again and are used to influence the foundational culture of a startup. It seems that the ubiquity of these stories highlights that they’re incredibly important, so today we’re going to discuss why these stories are created, how they are created and how they evolve over time. And ultimately we can challenge whether these are stories or creation myths…