Inside Culture #14 (Irma Thomas, Brenda & John Romero, Zoe Philpott & Geoff Dyer)

On tonight’s episode of Inside Culture we have an exclusive interview with soul legend Irma Thomas, and we speak to travel writer Geoff Dyer. We also hear about digital storytelling from game designers Brenda and John Romero, as well as tech entrepreneur Zoe Philpott.

Digital storytelling is growing in popularity with ever more methods and tools being used by people to tell stories. To discuss this, presenter Fionn Davenport is joined by Brenda and John Romero who are a computer game designing duo, and co-owners of Loot Drop and Romero Games which is based in Galway. Brenda is recognised as one of the world’s top game developers, and John’s work spans over 130 games including the iconic DOOM and Quake. Zoe Philpott also joins the panel. She is a tech entrepreneur and storyteller who combines technology with the arts to tell stories. For more information, check out and

Award-winning author Geoff Dyer’s latest book is a collection of travel essays called White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World. Fionn talks to him about his travel adventures and essays, as well as his enormous capacity for disappointment. Visit to find out more.

Last week’s show came to you from New Orleans, and while we were there we went to meet the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas. In 2007 the multi-award winning Thomas won a Grammy for her post-Katrina album, After the Rain. Fionn met with her in her home in East New Orleans. If you’d like to listen to her music, you can find details on

Broadcast on 11th July 2016