A Song of Winter – selected for Prix Marulić

This feature has been pre-selected for the Prix Marulić 2018 in the short features category. Adjudication is in May – we’ll keep you posted but in the meantime – have a listen on soundcloud below.


This seems apt for #BeastFromTheEast. Here’s a piece from our 2017 Winter show. Olwen Fouéré reads Kuno Meyer’s translation of an old Irish poem, A Song of Winter. Then we mixed in some personal winter reflections.

It’s beautiful and appropriate for #BeastFromTheEast #Cold #SongofWinter#Sneachta.

We hear some winter stories from the Phoenix Park ranger Terry Moore, writer Dermot Bolger, actor Eleanor Methven and retired carer Eileen Hutchins (who is also Regan Hutchins‘ mother!)