The Book Show – S1 #5

This week on The Book Show:
Jamie Byng of Canongate and Sarah Davis Goff of Tramp Press discuss the role of the publisher and how manuscripts get from slushpile into print.
Jamie Byng is the publisher and managing director of Canongate Books, an independent publishing house based in Scotland.
Canongate have published works by Barack Obama, Nick Cave and Julian Assange and Yann Martel whose Life of Pi won the Booker Prize in 2002.

Tramp Press is Ireland’s newest Independent publishing company. Sarah Davis Goff started the company with Lisa Coen and “aims to find, nurture and publish exceptional literary talent”. Sarah was previously an intern at Lilliput Press and is credited with picking Donal Ryan’s The Spinning Heart from the slushpile.

John Healy


John Healy – Author of the Grass Arena – check our

John Healy is the author of acclaimed book ‘The Grass Arena’.
The grass arena of the title refers to a London park where Scottish and Irish vagrants drank, slept, fought and frequently died in the 70s and 80s. The book was a success when it was published 25 years ago and won Britain’s biggest non-fiction prize, the JR Ackerley Award. For Healy though success did not last. After a dispute with his publishers in 1991, his work was deemed out of print and remained unavailable for many years. Healy speaks to Sinead Gleeson about the effect this had on him.

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