Inside Culture #3 (Maser, Gender Parity in Irish Film, Department of Ultimology, MacNeice)

Broadcast on 25th April 2016


On this episode of Inside Culture, we explore gender imbalance, street art, the death of knowledge, and poetry.

Presenter Fionn Davenport discusses gender parity in the Irish film industry with a panel of experts, we meet street artist Maser in his studio and find out what happens in the Department of Ultimology when knowledge comes to an end. Finally, author Tom Walker joins us to discuss Belfast born poet Louis MacNeice.

Gender Parity in Irish film is a big problem in Ireland, and the Irish Film Board (IFB) are hoping to tackle this with a new Six Point Plan. This problem, and potential solutions are discussed by a panel comprised of Susan Liddy (University of Limerick), Annie Doona (IADT / IFB), David Kavanagh (Irish Playwrights’ and Screenwriters’ Guild) and Katie Holly (Producer). To find out more about the IFB board funding rounds, visit

This year, Trinity College Dublin’s resident glass blower will retire and his workshop will cease to exist. A craft and an expertise will vanish with him. Universities are under pressure to perform in a global league table and this is changing the way knowledge is produced. The digital age has also changed our material culture. Two Dublin artists, Fiona Hallinan and Kate Strain set up The Department of Ultimology at Trinity to investigate why knowledge is lost and what effect it has on learning. Regan Hutchins hears about their work.

Maser, a Dublin-born graffiti artist, paints vibrant installations and cheerful positive messages such as Maser Loves You. His work has appeared in public spaces all over the world. Now, he’s having his first solo gallery show called Orbiting on the Periphery which continues at London’s Lazarides Gallery until May 5th. Fionn visited Maser in his Dublin studio as he was packing up for his show and putting the finishing touches to the exhibition. For more, see

Tom Walker and Chris Fauske join us to discuss the Belfast born poet Louis MacNeice. Walker’s book ‘Louis MacNeice and the Irish Poetry of his Time’ has just won the ACIS Rhodes Prize for Literature and Language. Fauske’s book ‘In a Between World’ is a new narrative account of the poet. They discuss the life and work of MacNeice, as well as how his work speaks to us now and gives voice to some of the pressures of modern life and politics.