Inside Culture #6 (Basil Blackshaw, Distance, Dance, Duo, Journalism & Frost)

Broadcast on 16th May 2016

On tonight’s episode of Inside Culture we look at the past and future of journalism, examine the interviewing style of David Frost, and reflect on the concept of distance in three different art forms.

But first Presenter Fionn Davenport is joined by Riann Coulter, curator of the FE McWilliam Gallery in Banbridge, to reflect on the life and work of expressionist artist Basil Blackshaw. Blackshaw ‘the modest master of the countryside’ died at the start of May. There are a number of his works on show in permanent collections. Eight of them are owned by the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) and Christina Kennedy, head of collections, shows us the painting they have on display.

The concept of distance is next on our agenda, and this week we look at three events which, in their own ways, reflect on, explore or play with this concept. The Pathos of Distance is an art installation by Sarah Pierce which is currently running at the National Gallery. It’s a collaboration with the ESB Centre for the Study of Irish Art. Dr Kathyrn Milligan from the centre talks to us about one of the images. For more, see

The Liz Roche Company is preparing for its Dublin Dance Festival premiere of Time Over Distance Over Time. This work created in Australia and Ireland runs from 18-21 May. Visit for ticket information. You will also hear extracts from emigrants’ letters which were read by members of Liz Roche’s dance company. These were printed in Professor David Fitzpatrick’s book Oceans of Consolations, published by Cork University Press.

Seán MacErlaine speaks to us about Duo, a series of improvised concerts performed with musicians from other parts of the world. MacErlaine’s next duo, with Unni Løvlid, will be held in Dublin’s Christchurch Cathedral on 27 May. Visit for all the details.

We also take a look at the culture of journalism and explore the way that we tell stories. As our lives become immersed in social media, do we crave the short hit, or are we discovering a new appreciation for the longer form? We talk to Malachy Browne who has recently joined the New York Times from He talks about harnessing the power of the internet to gather data in Yemen. For our studio discussion, we are joined by David Wolf, commissioning editor of the Guardian Longreads, Lois Kapila, editor of a new Dublin newspaper, The Dublin Inquirer, and Joe Galvin, news editor of Storyful.

Neil Hegarty discusses the interviewing style of David Frost. His biography of Frost, That Was The Life That Was, is published by WH Allen.